Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 45

Day 45: (27 June 2011):
- Wake up: weather still not good. The entire day rain, wind on/off.
- Meals moved to new upstairs dining area. Small bar there.
- Spend entire day up in the dining area. Chat, play cards, etc. Write.
- Report from people who just arrived: schools closed for 2 days. Bad weather on mainland as well.
- Big Yellow Boat back in service as small white boat is still broken. Supposed to be a bigger, better boat.
- Tried to go for a walk to Honeymoon Beach, but supposedly steep & slippery & risk of falling branches & coconut in wind.
- Two of the guys from Korovu came over to White Sandy to stay today.
- Lots of people arrive. Chat/talk until ~5pm.
- Calk past Korovu & abandoned resort. Clear water. Not much else.
- See clear sky in distance. Nice orange & red colours at sunset.
- Entertainment was more professional, but still a bit strange dancing. More games.
- Beautiful stars at night. Interstellar dust & galaxy bulge clearly visible. Meteors. Person (girl) I talk to didn't really even know about the Milky Way. Shocked during Kuata before: Someone not know what Southern Cross in (from Aus/NZ, I think). & comment to someone: "I think some shooting stars aren't actually stars." when looking for meteors.
- Moths around lamp. Sit on veranda watch stars, beach, hills, boat.

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