Saturday, June 4, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 22

Day 22: (4 June 2011 (-1 in time zone)):
- Eat bread, then discover is mouldy. Walk, guy at Rino's Rentals say hi, then I get bicycle. He say $5, but charge $8 in office. No change, so tell to pay later. Rusty, squeaky, high friction, bad breaks.
- Town: Post card, tourist info: Nothing on south of island other than marae. Oldest church here. Not much by harbour. Maybe market building? Person asking if I'm OK. Nice tree-lined road, though.
- Bike down west coast to southern tip. Lagoon view. Up middle to marae: nothing there? Terrible dirt & coral road, fields, crops, palm trees, pigs, goats, chickens.
- Nice church in Tautu. Map: car stop ask if I'm OK. Go to wharf, see Swiss on scooter. Nice view at lagoon, but nothing compared to cruise. Schools of jumping fish. Quite loud & starteling.
- Bike up west coast. Arch formed by banyan tree. Random dirt road by water through fields. Road lined with tall palm trees.
- Visit marine centre. No one there. Tubs of baby giant clams: cute. Shrink back when move close to it. A NZ tourist arrive on cycle as well. Info sheet. Tub of crabs, scared of people. Can't find turtles. Clam shell donation box.
- Snorkel by airport. White sand with coral pieces. Some fish, but very murkey & layer of gunk on stuff.
- Return: Meet the British couple. Short chat.
- Rain start ~15-20 min after my return. Look for noni. See fruit trees, but on people's property. 2 oranges (US?) (not fresh) for $5.80.
- Beer & write. Hope rain will stop. Want tour rest of town, return bike & get dinner.
- Rain stop. Go to town. Ride to just past power station Humming large shed. There is on administration centre here. Also passed church with metal pole spire: remind me of Tonga. Roads quite large here.
- Raining, wet. Downhill back, so pretty fast, careful to be safe with bad brakes.
- Shower, etc. Wait to talk about airport transfer & for dinner. Stopped raining. Nothing to do.
- Get dinner ~6:15. Ask for $5 coin or $3 notes. Talk to Tom when return with food. Suggest leave @ 8:15 for 9:00 flight. Actually, mine at 9:10.
- Eat, drink, enjoy being alone, since will not be soon. Read about Raro.

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