Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 43

Day 43: (25 June 2011):
- Asked to fill water bottle after breakfast, but strange water taste, so no use.
- After breakfast: try to snorkel on Gold Coast beach. Told choppy & coral starts far out, no not too good.
- Swan past sea grass, colonies of reef appear.
- Lots of fish, possibly even bettor than Blue Lagoon. Bigger fish always swimming away. Clown fish defensive, bite too, live in anamone, baby clown fish look from inside. Must be careful with waves & current.
- Snorkeled between the different reef patches. Different fish communities.
- Return: string rings until lunch (~1hr). Then rest in hammock until new arrivals.
- Czech couple. Aus. mining guy stay in dorm. Monitors equipment aboard giant helicopter metal detector. Worked in Canada for 3 yrs. He pay $60: no booking. Everyone seems to get a different rate.
- Walk to Blue Lagoon & snorkel. Lots of fish. Strange large pouches that close when I fan water at it. More clown fish.
- Post card. Broken clock: "Fiji Time" written on it.
- Private property for cruise. Still patrolled even though no ship.
- Beautiful sunset, but I no bring camera: ship, golden seas, clouds, palm trees. View was even better on trail back. Talk about Cambodia & Laos. Convinced to go to Vang Vieng. Beautiful golden palm trees & cassava fields at sunset.
- Sit on bench, string rings & chat with Aus. before dinner. Knock on door @ 7pm to say dinner ready, but net served until later.
- Large taro piece at dinner. 2 beers. Told was kava, but then didn't happen. Apparently he's been talking about kava all day. They say run out?
- Gecko pee on Aus. Move tail when pee.
- Geckos move like dancing to music.
- Chat. Clouds roll in. Swollen foot from mosquito. Sleep ~10pm.

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