Sunday, June 26, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 44

Day 44: (26 June 2011):
- Wake up to dark room. Raining.
- Laze around all morning reading & chatting & writing in dorm room.
- Learn mining jobs are quite interesting: short project / break cycle. His co-worker lives in Thailand with Thai wife & kids in him off time.
- Pack & go up to dining area ~12:45 to check on boat. I get lunch: lentil soup, same as when I arrived. They said I didn't have to pay even though usually $7 for lunch on leaving day. Called to boat by whistle ~ 1:15.
- Got to pick-up stop, other boats, but no ship. Blue water with dark spots beneath, drifted a bit. Small kid helping with anchor.
- Eventually, boat lumbers into view from behind an island. "You will have a long trip." Slow, engine trouble(?). Looks like only left engine on.
- Meet Bill again on board. "Touring."
- Announcement: delay, engineers working. Ask people catching flight tonight to see travel desk.
- out on nowhere, Bill asks "You gonna buy an ice cream?" "It's too cold." "For me." After I agreed to pet him one, he says 3, for the people he was with, when I say no, I'm running out of money, he says will take one. I get an almond Magnum for me $ him. Seems like Bill has a habit of asking things from people. No "thank you."
- White Sandy Beach: welcome song. Settle in dorm.
- Just 8: me, Scottish I met briefly at Kuata, French & his travel companion, English (?) couple that I met before. See Eng. couple met in Samoa leave White Sandy.
- Walk to Korovu. More people, but supposedly here better. Small village behind it, visited the church. Supposedly lots of singing & emotions in Fijian church. Can hear throughout dinner.
- Fish & chicken curry for dimmer. Was just thinking of curry.
- Cold: put on long sleeves.
- After-dinner entertainment. Them dancing & singing. Very bizzare. "Do you want more?" : "Umm... yes?" Guys really into it, girls not so much. Crab that keeps coming back & gets stepped on. Music problems.
- Talking about the crazy American at Long Beach. His story, "adored" by community as he's lived there for a few years & bought them lots of stuff. Rich? GF is chief's daughter. "Seems proud of his story." Travelled & lived around the world?
- Very windy. Retired to dorm. Joined by 4 English from Korovu. Drink beer & chat until electricity off @ 10:30. Move beds as bed wet from rain blowing in. Try to close the wood shutters to keep rain & wind out. Afraid building will blow down (and shelter at eating place too).
- Photo of me in bed in mosquito net with lamp on.
- Low mosquito net. Toilet with detatched lid. Bath (a shallow tiled depression in floor).
- Roaring wind.
- Talk before bed. Complement of being nicest Asian person. "Mix of Chinese, Canadian, Kiwi." From the Dutch who seems to have strong opinions.
- Girl from Shetland: grandma's house always on post cards. White walls & red roof.

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