Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 31

Day 31: (13 June 2011 (-1 in time zone)):
- Wake up to small splotches of sunlight coming in through the grass blinds. Meal bells (wait for those every day). Hearty breakfast, marmite always popular. Much fruit.
- Arranged last night: go with Brits to waterfall & blowholes.
- Stop in ferry terminal for them to book car. Westpac ATM. Waterfalls closed (Sunday): stones across road. On the drive over, past lava fields. Houses & gardens perched on lava (on stilts, as usual).
- Terrible inaccurate map. Jasons.
- A few blowholes in lava field. 3 main clusters. Can go right up to them & look in. Very impressive. Waves not very big, but still shoots 10s of metres in air. Photos difficult!
- Go to Aganoa resort for lunch. Very nice small beach in cove, surrounded by rocky coastline.
- Fish & chips. Very little fish. Beer (Sunday) (same price as a can of pop).
- Many surfers there. Surfari? Reef breaks off coast.
- Snorkle: nice fan-shaped coral. Strongish current. Fish. Relax & leave.
- Ice cream stop: very pink ice cream.
- On radio: Sunday church songs. "No Jesus no life." Talking interspersed with music.
- Story about terrible star mound tour. Nothing there. Point. Fall and kids laugh. Shallow water pit. Possible shapes?
- Cocktails, happy hour at Jane's. Rain, double rainbow.
- Giant wasp.
- Dinner: talk to Germans about plans for next day & play card game with some NZ girls & Germans. One German drunk, his birthday. Drank 1 btl rum between them.

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