Monday, June 6, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 24

Day 24: (6 June 2011 (-1 in time zone)):
- Woke up @7. Lie in bed until 9.
- Read the LP of South Pacific someone left. Talk to the new arrivals.
- Pay at past 11. Go for walk north, Polish & Canadian Jeff join. Walk by Te Vara Nui.
- Vaka departure site, palace, etc: Nothing there!
- Nice road, calm, sound of ocean, view of mountains & fields.
- Long talk with Jeff. Realise why he is a bit different: he is 55 years old! I would have guessed 30-35 (thinking back, that's a low guess). Food, eating, exercise, societal expectations. He say he is black sheep of family. Sikh family, Calgary.
- Pass by the coffee factory. Polish guy leave earlier to try mountain trail? Milkshake.
- Back, watch basketball game, Dallas & Miami. Team the Germans rooting for lost 86-88.
- Between game, walk along beach north. Island very close, saw person walking! Chest-deep.
- Keep bumping into people I met throughout stay in Raro.
- Lounge around, chat. Sit & stare at ocean. Simple dinner. Went to stores, only canned food so bought panini. Enough fried foods. Ask where German get alcohol: "My friend": Mr. Woo, store owner who told one person he was from Shanghai & another: Japan. Usually, no alcohol on Sunday. Sails restaurant also sells alcohol after 6pm. Just read LP & sit & some talk for rest of night.

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