Friday, June 17, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 35

Day 35: (17 June 2011 (-1 in time zone)):
- Chat a bit after breakfast. Bumped into Russian (that someone mentioned earlier) going to airport at similar time. Regulars say one sleepwalked. Once he woke up & night & was in the ocean!
- Develop habit of jumping off fale to exit, instead of going through sheet.
- Samoan pancake.
- Tell Mepa stay other fale. She says she paid for my 2 nights already. Won't let me have only the 2 dinners: "no." So have to pay extra 30 for meal. Cash low.
- 2x snorkel. Different directions. Look for turtle. Water so clear.
- Meet Wayne (owner of cheap fales): opened curtain when he on toilet. Talk when I pee. He offer hand when he come out, I shook it otherwise rude? No sink in toilet: I use Taufa for brush teeth.
- Write & sit rest of time. Read LP for Fiji & wait for Wayne to discuss taxi.
- Beer from regular: too much on tab.
- Possibility of trip to Namu'a tomorrow?

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