Friday, June 10, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 28

Day 28: (10 June 2011 (-1 in time zone)):
- Get ready to leave @ 7am. No one in office. Wave down taxi: try sell ride to airport. Go to InterIsland office.
- Samoan with wife in Am. Sam. show up. Say he also looking for shuttle. Wait in office when opened.
- Talk with him about Sam. vs. Am. Sam. Say Samoans jealous, does not support each other and business.
- Had to ask to realize van ready to leave is shuttle. Eventually, van fills with employees.
- Guy helps me through everything. Try to look after me. Offer me Samoan pancakes he brings for family.
- Security removes my water bottle.
- Plane is new plane: Dornier - where is this company from? Seat near front, as usual.
- "Flight to Pago-Pago."
- Rain. Lots of turbulence. Pilot: "That's the best we can do." Mountains & view on landing.
- Don't have village name of Nick, but OK. Pay phones don't work. American cartoon on TV.
- Employee offer their phone, no answer. Tell guy leaves, he wait for me. Directed to airline office.
- They call & leave message. I wait. Chat to flight attendant.
- Just as they about to call again, Nick calls in. Will pick me up in ~40 min. Write journal.
- Just as packing up, Nick comes in. Lunch at Coca Bean, in small mall. American food. Drop stuff at his place, Flower Pot (never got a chance to take photo), dropped in Fagatogo. Small museum. Random stuff with no labels. A/C.
- Walk around. Very nice mountains, reef & deep water. Bats.
- Bump into ppl. celebrating graduation. Ask me take photo. Offer me drink. Walk around villages. Cool church & apparently famous mural on admin bld.
- Go to Sadie's. Post card. Nick arrive. $3 beers (2): wait for Taufa (Nick's flatmate to finish Samoan rowing). Nice outside area with view.
- Eat Pizza Hut (on me). Chat (with Taufa - Tau) & sleep.
- Tired: not much sleep the day before.

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