Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Prologue

In notes, trip titled: 2011 Post MDS Tri-Continent Extravaganza!!!

Preface (13 May 2011):
- Slept for just three hours day before, thinking of everything that needs to be done.
- Pack, found a bit overpacked for everything, but will have to do.
- Catch 1:15pm ferry over, lots of stuff.
- Check in at MDS, drop stuff off and buy final items: small 2L dry sac, pick up glasses, pick up ponamu.
- Talk to tutors and head over to Logan's.
- With map, easy to find, surprisingly far from town.
- Head back in town at 5:30, get air mattress and pump. Text from friends, still in town.
- Meet and drink at Bluestone room. Get out of hand. Shot with Jager and Lindauer and cherry syrup?
- Go to 1885. More drinks, White lady. Perhaps had 7 drinks that night.
- Walk back and get ready for bed.
- Sleep at around 1:30. Logan get back, say just went to bed, then I was confused at why I said that.
- Know will be tough next morning as set alarm for 4:40am to walk to town in time for bus, as Link does not run that early.