Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 30

Day 30: (12 June 2011 (-1 in time zone)):
- Nick leave 8:15 to volunteer: trash pick-up with schools & gov. agencies.
- Shower, Internet, until Tau & friends show up.
- Nick drive me to lunch (loco moco) @ 12:15 or so, then to airport. No security check. Weighing includes me (was this the flight?).
- Board plane. Attendant greet me by name. Sit on row 1.
- No quarantine check, just x-ray, no questions even when I declared on sheet.
- Taxi ask 20, drop to 10 when I say too much & walk. Guy behind he was talking to say 10 almost as he said 20.
- Big ferry. A/C deck. Lion King. Talk to some Palangi [sic] & Am. Samoan helping them. Didn't offer me ride: car full? Pointed out the bus I take.
- Nice view of islands. Apollima (?) really is a ring of cliffs with opening.
- Can see the islands from both shores across water.
- Leave ferry late. Full buses pulling away. Ask person in vest, point me to Manase bus. I jump on. Very full. Stand. 3 ppl ask me where I go. Person peeing under bus at a stop. People hanging from doors. Eventually, I got offered a seat in front. Driver drive very fast. Drive down middle of road.
- Arrive when dark. Got fale. Dinner in 5 min. Fiafia tonight.
- Sandy beach. Palm & banana trees. Very cozy fale. (leaky) mosquito net. Light bulb. Straw mats. Straw blinds. Thin foam mattress.
- Bell call to dinner. Good variety. Meet people. People banging their heads on low awning.
- Fiafia with family. Guitar, wood slot drum & metal sheet as instruments.
- This time, take much less seriously. Had a lot of fun. Good show. The cheif lei & paint soot on face & kiss performers before going on. Oiled tattoos. Fire dance. Close to audience.
- Many similar moves & fire tricks as other fiafia. Torch of feet impressive.
- Yelling competition.
- Dance by chief's daughter? Family seemed to have lots of fun performing.
- Dance party at end (ask single). I keep getting dragged up to dance. Try learning Samoan moves.
- Person I dance with: Grease. She dance well, turn into competition. "High chief loves Grease." Dance 3x. Last time same song even when almost everyone says different. Reward 3/6 pairs small beer.
- Last dance: slow dance. "Are you single?" "So am I." "What kind of gf?" "Samoan? The other Brit say her dance partner: "We meet?" "no" "you have bf?" "no" all dance long.
- Family noise, geckos, ocean noise as fall asleep in fale. Too bad my fale not on beach, guess family noise is more authentic Samoan experience.

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