Thursday, June 16, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 34

Day 34: (16 June 2011 (-1 in time zone)):
- Find 3 Aus. Mom & child go to To Sua. Move stuff out of room.
- Van stop at now hilltop house & guesthouses. Many graves of family's tsunami victims. Quick tour of facilities. Nice view. Say can see Am. Samoa. Thank us for staying.
- To Sua: 2 sinkholes. ladder down to swimming one not as bad as I thought. Strong currents. Look for hole connecting it to ocean, not found, didn't want to get too close. Swim through darker short cave to other sinkhole. Ferns. Explore tiny spring in small cave.
- Blowhole: not really going at low tide. Spurt of air & some drops. "Guide" stand in blowhole.
- Walk barefoot across lava rocks. Slip once, but caught. Lava rock bridges & holes to water below. Beautiful coast & coral below. Waves crashing over rocks. Did not visit beach.
- Move to neighbouring fales reluctantly. Supposedly related: Maybe falling out or unhappy with them charging less? Beachfront fale. Idyllic, but plastic sheets as with other fales. A bit difficult to put down, bad knots. One had Aus. gov. tarp. From tsunumi aid?
- Post card. Snorkel: much destroyed reef & rubbish. Re-growing fish. Discover flipping while snorkeling.
- Talk with some "regulars" at bar fale. Hear about how much tsunami affected here. Sadness of people, etc. Nice moonrise.
- Owner family lost 12? Fale & dining hall completely rebuilt as destroyed. Beach steeper so waves louder. Reclaimed sand as sand was washed away. Much reef destroyed. 1m less reef now.
- Fiafia was more professional. Crayfish that was difficult to eat. One muscular guy (lead?) tired, I was worried. Pained look on face. Very good woman dancing. Short firedance. Collection box.
- Women singing on ukelele, guitar. Drink & listen.
- Sleep late. Loud waves make sleep difficult.

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