Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 33

Day 33: (15 June 2011 (-1 in time zone)):
- Crab & dog tracks in sand.
- Confirm tickets at ferry terminal: passenger sales not open until 11am for 12pm ferry.
- Go to waterfall for quick look. 3 tiers of clear blue pools. Water still flowing from spring, but main waterfall in dry. Vine swings & ledges to jump off of. Would be a fun day there. The Aus (Jarra) arrive in a van, with others, swim as we leave for ferry.
- Wait for 1 hr. Tickets. The pocket pastry with noodles & meat inside. $1 for me when I went, $2 for Brits when they went. $1.5 banana chips. I feel overcharged. Buy new jandals. Adidas on top, Quicksilver on bottom. Coconut truck with strong smell.
- Walk on small ferry to get spot. 2nd deck, sunny side, as boat will turn around.
- Strong rocking, pitching. Water splash over on to cars.
- Drive along southern road. Hill & views. Very small road. Slow cars, slow down & weave for bumps & potholes. Kids "off school" the whole day.
- Near Lalomanu: dramatic hills. Destroyed houses & fales from tsunami (noticed later).
- See 3 fale signs. Only found 2. Apparently 3rd one, cheapest was at shop across road.
- Share fale: 90. Nick: old man complaining about the place, but good advice for area.
- Nice moon. Good meal. Share at table. The Brits go To Sua, but want last day together.
- Sleep in enclosed fale, quiet. Sheltered from wind.

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