Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 13

Day 13: (26 May 2011):
- Wake up 6:10 for ride at 6:40. Too much water on the "bridge", no cross. Dominique: wait for less rain. Can pick me up other side if I wade across. "Will never leave a foreigner!" Didn't want to put him in danger of slippery roads.
- Sit & wait. Ask Joseph if taxi available, he said no (or not sure, I can't tell).
- The people talk to Charlene, who say possible. They say go to bed, but a bit later, they say they attempt a passing, just when I say OK to 2kF for taxi to a new guy here (husband?).
- Girl afraid, so walk across. The man help guide car across.
- Road muddy & wet. A bridge or two covered in high water.
- Dominique pick me up @ info center. Go to his place. Talk, apple bun, tea, papaya, OJ, he pack. Say maybe Noumea tomorrow, as not sure of flights. I say I go today, he offer go today.
- Drive south, more cliffs, got on highway. Cascades. Beautiful mountain pass with peak in clouds.
- Drive through Kone. Pass part of road to Christelle's house.
- Lunch at Bourail. Giant panini, which seems popular here. Juice.
- Talked lots about NC & life. "colonial economy" Told me of simple life on Guadaloupe, French pessimism, problems.
- Talked about happiness, some travels, lots subjects for the long drive.
- Drop in Anse Vata. Say will pick me up @ 8:30 tomorrow for Cultural Centre.
- Back: tired. Clean plates, etc. Invited to "date."
- Ate Flammekeusche (tiny bananas in the dessert one), 2.5kF for all you can eat. Had taster (beers) @ Les 3 Brasseurs. Girl from Ouvea, speak Faga Uvea. Some Chines. Total: 4.4kF each: Paid separately. Return just before 1am. Tired, sleep

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