Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 2

Day 2 (15 May 2011):
- get up, weather is good. Warm, only some scattered clouds.
- Go to city market. Drive scenic. A few different pavilions with different things: fruit pavillion, fish, crafts, etc. Jerome get shrimp, I get oranges (large green).
- Drive back, Jerome cook shrimp. Eat.
- Drive to Riviere Bleue: Pass Mont Dore. Read to right = spring. We take left road.
- Jerome familiar, as he is working field work in area. Look for something, secret.
- Explained geological significance of things. Colours great: red ground, green plants, blue sky.
- Windey road with many big potholes through vallies and mountains.
- Get to park, have 4hrs before close. 2 sides, didn't go far side, need shuttle.
- Stop 1: viewpoint of the artificial reservoir. See the "drowned forest" in distance.
- Lots of lakes in vallies and mountains. Jerome explain is big nickel deposit, but protected.
- Stop 2: some viewpoint/hike, but didn't really find it. Some interesting plants.
- 3: Hike to see large endemic tree. Path with wooden "stepping stones."
- Hike continues to a tree with another growing through it.
- Back and to a viewpoint: Good crepuscular rays.
- Continue drive to a creek. White river? Help the family with dead battery car.
- Return to park entrance and small museum. Nice small all-around display. Learn about cagou. Disappointed didn't see real cagou.
- Drive back and stop for milkshake. NZ cup. "merci jeune homme."
- Back. Shower. Eat oranges: very dry, but like navel oranges. Jerome warn oranges may be poor.
- Jerome make some pasta and rest of shrimp.
- Go to "the sphinx" nakamal, play games with friend and random person. Chat (tired). Person passed a joint around.
- I get talkative, but talk slow,
- Back early to pack bags: chat, etc. Sleep.
- Drive back: pass Pacific Pearl. People on board (leaving?). Explain the Casino supermarket chain across from ferry terminal sells many Australian products.