Friday, May 27, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 14

Day 14: (27 May 2011):
- Meet 8:30am. Go to Tjibaou Centre. Looks nice from across bay, like a pine forest.
- Center very modern. < 50% space for exhibitions. Mosquitos.
- Mostly art gallery displays. From around the islands & PNG & Aus. Aboriginals.
- Area with 3 typical houses. Lots of kids's stuff inside. Kids (school trip)? Bullitin board / project boards inside?
- Brunch at cafe. He try to find a video on display.
- Difficult to find observation spot. Really nice view of culture centre & good neighbourhood across the water.
- The statue of Tjibaou standing in the green, overlooking the centre & city.
- Dominique seems to be walking very slow. At this point, we part ways. He go to town, I go down other way.
- Some buildings that are round, not sure what they are.
- Kanak walk. Plants (some cool, tree with square fish poison). Boat replica. 2ppl from Melbourne.
- Bus to town, Musee de Nouvelle-Caledonie.
- Spent long time in Museum. Look at things in detail.
- Some photos before seeing no photo sign. Although they probably won't care.
- NC items, hut posts, etc. Combs. Phallic & breast clubs.
- Upstairs: other islands. Tapas, illustrated story books. Money (bones, etc), clothes, weapons.
- 2 huts: one inside, one out. People shouting some Japanese word, "Konichiwa"?
- Bus back to Anse Vata. See the islands. Phare Amedee in distance. Cater is warmer than north, as Sarah indicated. lots of people. Sports. Sunny golden glow.
- Kava place. "21." Lots of dark alcoves. Abalone. Lose horribly.
- Bodega del Mar. 30 yr olds. Nice view as restaurants over water.
- Easy to bump into friends.

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