Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 6

Day 6: (19 May 2011):
- Wash clothes in sink. Sunny, only partly cloudy. Shower, etc. Jerome to work ~6am.
- Go to tourist info in Anse Vata to get info about north, try find SIM card, but need go to OPT. Found a post card to mail home. Go twice. Bought cheap sandwich & cookies at a store: Asians. First exit: Driven out by fire alarm. Test/work?
- ~noon, take bus to museum, next to OPT. SIM cord ~6.2kF w/ 3kF credit. All in French.
- Call Jerome to give number. Says field work cancelled by rain, will pick me up ~4:30 - 5.
- Huge walking tour of town centre. Partly with Lonley Planet: surprising lame tour!
- Highlights: Library: cool old style buildings. Old "colonial" houses -> not really much. Place de cocotiers: Nice parks/series of parks. Tricked by "tourist office 100m" building.
- bus station: few paved areas & small shack: should be open, but closed.
- Cathedral: loved the stones on outside. Giant clam shell bowls. Viewpoint with run-down building, graffitti. Near youth hostel. "Chinatown." Shopping district with many small stores & snacks.
- Old temple. French Republic building. Plaza with war memorial in front of official-looking building with French flag. Can't figure out what it is.
- Surprisingly many banks. Looked for change, rate around same as ATM, with commission.
- At before 4:30, settle in close to city market, as run out of things to see. Write in book.
- Jerome arrive ~ 5:30. When walk over to met Jerome, guy with poor tattoos: quick chat with me.
- Called Sarah. Discuss.
- Jerome go practise, I pack & plan.
- Restaurant meeting with friends. At bar (same as before in BD). Chat with his friends.
- Return: dinner with steak, pasta.

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