Sunday, May 29, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 16

Day 16: (29 May 2011):
- Get up just after 10am. Bit cloudy, but was partial clouds. Some organisation, breakfast, give Logan detailed dates.
- Bus to town, ate @ Atrium @ my favourite Malasian (?) place. Very tired (hangover?).
- Walk to tower. Lots of tourists. Skycity complex always pretty cool. Underground entry.
- Lifts with glass floor & windows.
- Main deck: glass floor, window to watch skyjumpers. Display to show upcoming jumper.
- Up to the highest deck: the viewfinder pointers. See the skyjump & walkers.
- Very beautiful views. Boats, ferries, islands, mountains, city. See both harbours. Planes, some small ones.
- Ask a person to take photo & take theirs. Tourist from Sacramento, just arrived today. Going to South Island next day. Only 2 wks for South Island & Sydney tour. A bit later, we talked a lot. I gave advice & answered his questions. Tell him where to find good sunset shots.
- So beautiful, made me want to cry for leaving Auckland & NZ.
- Haircut. Batteries. Toilet paper & washing powder.
- Laundry when back. Realise problem with connectors in lamp. May have thrown away good batteries.
- Organize. Trip to supermarket with Logan. Burning kettle base twice. Sit out with beer to wait for smoke to clear. Cook & dinner.
- Cut nails, shower, etc.

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