Monday, May 30, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 17

Day 17: (30 May 2011):
- Wake up 6:30, along with Logan's alarm. I leave 6:45, Logan still in bed.
- Airport @ 8am. Slightly overweight bag again. Shove stuff in pocket. No problems again.
- Still 2hrs until 10:30 flight. BK sausauge croissant combo. Write. Coffee. By window.
- Nice views of Auckland. Plane rainbow/shadow. Turbulence most of the way. Very pretty clouds on landing (best I've seen). Only see mountains just before touchdown.
- Mountains in clouds & palm trees. Typical polynesian stereotype. Old man playing ukelele in airport for welcome.
- Warm. Invisible fans. Long queue for customs. Bill pick up. Meet English traveller. Thought of buying duty free, but decide not to. Turns out should have.
- Dinner from leftover food of other people who left. Play Yaniv (?). One radio station? Polynesian music. Banana vodka. Peed on by Gecko.
- Tired & bored, sleep at around 11 - 11:30pm. Wash socks & boxers. Lump on leg bigger: felt when swatting mosquitos. Worried about no doctors for 4 months. Dreams about teeth.

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