Saturday, September 3, 2011

2011 - NZ To SF - Day 113

Day 113: (3 September 2011):
- Leg is really doing horrible. Very difficult to walk. Huge limping. Tired. Black pockets in central purple raised area. Very sentative.
- For lunch / brunch, go to Coco Ichi. I got Motsu curry with katsu. 1-10 spicy level. Ben get 10 (?, something high), I get 3 (happens to be on sale?). Very tasty & filling.
- Take subway to Umeda (“expert” train maps) & over to the games meetup. Pick up drinks & Tamade.
- Juso looks like a nice place. Pretty crowded covered walkway.
- Nice quiet street in rain. A few neighbourhood gardens w / vegetables. Bad limp. Difficult.
- Get to apt. of host: localizer, did english “objection” voice of Phoenix Wright.
- Huge apt. (Not too expensive, apparently). Ping pong table. IRobot, pool on roof, man-cave. See the ridiculous Mortal Kombat anims for first time.
- Some food (didn’t really eat). Hang out, talk (mostly to Ben, as I prob. will never see the others again). Ppl. drink, play video games. I try to sit a lot to rest leg.
- Ppl confuse hei matau for magatama.
- Ben’s umbrella gone from pile, swap. Nice in rain. Some take taxi. Say bye at Osaka / Umeda. UB exchange.
 -Back to osaka station, walk around the familiar under-station maze-like area where we had our first okonomiyaki 2 yrs ago.
- Had okonomiyaki & negiyaki at a LP listed place. Good, but not as good as the other okonomiyaki & negiyaki we had.
- Change my tickets to leave Sunday night. Stuck in Osaka, reminds me of “stuck in Olso.” Should have just flown out from Osaka.